• Perfect Purism Mineral Make-up 02
Horst Kirchberger

Perfect Purism Mineral Make-up 02



PERFECT PURISM MINERAL MAKE-UP is a compact mineral foundation

Coated mineral pigments guarantee variable coverage and a perfect complexion

Thanks to moisturizing substances and enrichment of hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamins A and E, it achieves a high anti-aging care effect, best wearing comfort and hours of durability

Suitable for all skin types, from very dry and particularly sensitive skin to oily skin that tends to blemishes

The opacity can be determined by several layers and the make-up gives the skin a natural look. Pigment disorders, wrinkles, blemishes and redness can be well concealed and shiny areas can be brought under control

With its silky texture creates a natural look with the best optical results

Paraben, silicone, mineral oil and aluminum free.
Free of microplastics, hormonally active ingredients, talc and beeswax

After skin care, take up with the BRUSH MINERAL or with the BRUSH FOUNDATION and pattern on

By repeating the process, the desired opacity is achieved, particularly in problem areas PERFECT PURISM MINERAL MAKE-UP also serves to fix every make-up. Simply apply with BRUSH KABUKI & POWDER over the make-up.
100% VEGAN